Supersonic Jet: From New York to London in 3.5 hours

The Supersonic Boom Planes

supersonic BoomIt will be possible to travel from New York to London in just over three hours. Colorado startup company Boom is designing a supersonic jet to make it a reality, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has optioned 10 planes and will help test them. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is teaming up with aerospace startup Boom to help build a new fleet of supersonic commercial jets that can travel at more than twice the speed of sound. Boom planes will travel 2.6 times faster than any other aircraft, up to speeds of 1,451 miles per hour.

supersonic BoomThe startup claims its vehicles will be able to travel from from New York to London in just 3.5 hours, with tickets costing price of $5,000 per seat and the same price as business class. Boom’s planes will have 40 seats total, divided into two aisles with one seat per row. They’ll be able to fly at Mach, 1,451 miles per hour, more than twice as fast as modern commercial airplanes. And the vehicles will zoom at a lofty altitude of 60,000 feet, around 20,000 feet higher than the average commercial airline’s cruising height. Boom hopes to test out its first plane by the end of next year.



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