Most expensive Easter eggs: Fabergé by Choccywoccydoodah

Fabergé-style chocolate treats_top100These Fabergé-style chocolate eggs are the most expensive Easter eggs. They cost around £25,000 each. The eggs weigh about 100kg and pay homage to the bejewelled 19th century designs, often given as gifts by the Russian Tsars to their loved ones. The Easter eggs, handcrafted by the firm Choccywoccydoodah, are made entirely out of luxury Belgian chocolate, and come in a trio.

Fabergé-style chocolate treats-top100These fancy Easter eggs show the moment of the mythical creatures hatching and two sets of the eggs have been produced for display in the shops: one in the Brighton store shows Unicorns during the process of breaking out of the giant eggs, and one in London shows the birth of a dragon.


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