Interview: Massimiliano (Max) Barile – Illusionist

IMG_2591On the 14th November 14, 2014, it was the second meeting realized by the Club Top 100 People, whit the guest speaker Massimiliano Barile, a famous illusionist. Here’s what Max thinks about the success, how he managed to turn his passion into a profession and what are his future plans.

Massimiliano, known to all as Max, was born on April 1, 1971. Attracted by the world of magic, he discovered the magic tricks at the age of eleven, forming through the teachings of an old magician. After Art Master graduating, he became a professional magician. He arrived on TV at a young age, starring as participant and guess of numerous television programmes.
Max is Vice President of IBM RING 377 and he works also in theater.

Max, tell us, how did you start your career as illusionist?

Max – I decided to become a magician when I was very young, after a gift of the famous “magic box”.

But how do you become magicians?

Max – First, having a strong imagination and desire to communicate to others the sense of wonder. The illusionist is a craftsman, who builds and packages the wonder for who attends his performances. His joy is to observe the surprised faces of the spectators.

IMG_2560As you know, Top 100 People’s objective is to meet people who, with their experience, can inspire and encourage us to improve. Is there someone who inspired you in your personal and professional life?

Max – At the beginning I followed the magician Silvan, as all those who are part of my generation, but I always had a strong propensity for dialogue; I like so much speaking. So, one evening, watching television, as the guess on a TV show was Tony Binarelli, a famous magician. He was different, in fact during the magic tricks he joined the verbal communication. Then, I decided that I would have joined the magic to my aptitude for dialogue.

In my personal life, I think it was my father to inspire me. He was always cheerful, and he was also the first to put myself in front of a microphone. When I was a little boy, we had an appliance store, he delighted in inventing radio. But my family did not approve of my decision to undertake this type of work.

What difficulties did you have to overcome to become who you are today?

Max – In the historical and cultural context, the work was the occupation that give you a fixed salary, a safe place. But the magic world was not open to all and where it was difficult to get serious gegs.

IMG_2553Can you tell us two stories of your life that you have learned something and that you have improved?

Max – The first one is the joy that can give a passion, what we choose to do. When I was younger, I bought all the magic books that I found around, at markets, shops. There was no Internet, the offers guidelines on magic was really hard. One day I was walking with my father, when I was attracted to a small and dusty library where I see some books that I needed. I was a kid and I had no money with me. I come home very excited and I talk to my mother that we would return in the coming days. A few days later I went back with my mother but we did not find the library. I gave up and we set off back home. We went down a different road and among the many signs I saw the library’s sign that I was looking for. I managed to buy the coveted books. Leaving the store, I hugged my books, I thought that was the happiest day of my life. So I guess the lesson of life: never giving up, if you want something you need to be tenacious.

The other story I want to tell you, it is a lesson that I always keep in mind. Says Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, will go wrong.” Even if someone is particularly skilled and experienced, if bad luck decides to strike, there are no means to counter it. So it may happen that a trick fails. The skill lies is to improvise. But we must distinguish the incident from the misfortune. If the accident happens because you have not tried enough makeup, that is, you’re not the master, then you can blame yourself. It is says that the trick is successfull when, rehearsing in the mirror, you can amaze yourself in the first place. Instead, if it doesn’t happen because the misfortune decided to hit you then you must be able to overcome the difficulty, trying an alternative route.

What is for you the success? And what characteristics must someone possess to be successful in your profession?

Max – to be successful in this profession should be determined not to lose sight of the goal we took places. you have to be persistent and not give up, even when things do not go as you would like.

IMG_2506But how did you get to do television programs on RAI, Mediaset and all the local stations?

Max – I started doing television when I was very young, for a small local radio station called “TV Today” which was responsible for interviewing people. It gave the opportunity to young emerging to become known. One evening, at a party, I was introduced to a guy. He advised me to send him a videotape with the presentation of my shows. He informed me that soon would start a new transmission. So, I began to call, drawing up to talk to the director. After many calls they decided to give me a chance. After showing a number of my tricks, the director told me that I would have participated in the program and drew up a contract. I was 22 and I was able, thanks to my perseverance, to obtain a contract with Telenorba. To work at Canale 5 I had called for the preparation for the casting of a program. But I had no answers. Then one day I received a phone call in which I was invited to audition for a new program. I showed up and they told me that I would have participated in the program.

What project are you working on currently?

Max – From November 21 to 23 I will participate as a speaker at the European Close-Up Magic Symposium to be held in Milan. It is a Congress during which meet the elite of micro magic that is the branch of magic that sees the magician in close contact with the public, allowing them to observe its performance from close range. Also always run after two dreams, one is to bring magic to theater and the other for my short novel Kappadicuori, I published a few years ago, which tells the story of a magician. Lately I managed to write the sequel, but seeking a Publisher. So my current project is to be able to publish “Kappadicuori and mystery car shifted”.

Thanks to Max for sharing with us his experiences and his ideas.


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