Interview: Almo Bibolotti – Entrepreneur and chef

223A8060Almo Bibolotti, runner Masterchef Italy and businessman from Bari. Born in Bari on April 19, 1974, Almo graduated in Law in 1998 and the same year became Officer of the Carabinieri. A man of great charisma and leadership, in 2002 he decided to leave the Police to carry out the activity of insurer and financial advisor in the agency family of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. In 2005, sharing with his wife Giovanna Ranieri passion for dogs, from birth to Biborani Dog’s Hotel, a luxury hotel for dogs, entrepreneurial innovation in the sector in Italy, which allows spouses to keep more than 50 dogs adopted from shelters and from the street. But the real passion of Almo, who cultivates since he was 10 years old, is the kitchen. In 2006 he begins to perfect the techniques of cooking by attending workshops and cooking classes with famous chefs (Igles Corelli, Maurizio Santin, Gabriele Bonci, Jean Lee, etc.). In 2013 participates in the TV show MasterChef Italy. Become a media personality and elected by the public anyway moral winner for his great cooking skills and communication, today is one of the best-loved chefs and required for participation in public and private events, exhibits show cooking and participations in TV shows.

Almo, tell us, how did you start your career as a chef?

Almo – I started to fiddle around in the kitchen at the age of 10 years: the age at which it fantastic, we dream, we wonder “What will I be?”. In those days, certainly I never imagined I would one day be able to actually wear the jacket chef. The great passion of the culinary me was sent by an uncle, who unfortunately is no more, because most of my afternoons they spent at his home. My uncle was a judge, and since my parents were always away on business, he had to take care of me. His safe place was the kitchen. So between a pot where simmering the beans, the aroma of toasted bread, a quote in Latin, my days were full of study. I probably bringing these great memories with me, I decided to go down this road. Even as a teenager I always cooked, because being an only child and always having parents involved with the work, I had to prepare my meals. Growing came the period of the gym, the cult of the body, in which I laid more attention to what I was eating, and possessed a greater awareness of the ingredients used, focusing on healthy eating and knowledge of the properties of the food. Then in 2006, after having already started Biborani Dog Hotel, my property created by another great passion of my life: dogs, I became overwhelming desire to know and learn cooking in a more professional manner. Thanks to the dogs, who have very influenced my entire life, I was lucky enough to know a Chef, also “amateur”, which then became a great professional: Pasquale Procacci Leone which has a cookery school and catering, Green Anise , in Corato. He invited me to attend his courses and here another big meeting, the one with the teacher Igles Corelli, the number one in Italy, which inspired me a lot. Many subsequent meetings with the big kitchen that allowed me to learn the techniques and secrets.

223A7915How did you arrived at Masterchef?

Almo – I’ve a busy schedule working, so I watch very little television, but the only program that I did not want to miss was just MasterChef, from passionate and curious cuisine. Every Thursday evening my wife, sitting on the couch with me, she said to me: “I think you are much better than them”, “Try to enter in MasterChef.” Prophetic was her phrase: “Next year you enroll in MasterChef.” The day after the final of MasterChef last year, in fact, were opened selections and my wife was one of the first to send their applications, forcing me to realize even a curriculum vitae, which since then I had ever done. Shortly after, I received a phone call from the editorial staff. There was a telephone conversation in which they asked to me which was my favorite recipes, I liked to cook, which was my favorite dish. Third step: They asked me photographs of my dishes. Fourth step: secret preset in Bari reserved for all aspiring MasterChef southern Italy. Finally I was summoned for selections in Milan. There, we got to 100 from an initial number of 500 candidates. It ‘just this last audition that began my journey in the transmission, until arriving in front of the judges with my pudding with onion and Parmesan eggnog with wild fennel. The evidence provided to present themselves and their dish in front of giants of the kitchen, trying not to get caught up in the emotion and demonstrate through their dish all the skills and knowledge possessed.

How is your book ” Bite and eat ” ?

Almo – My love for dogs, along my path, crossed my passion for cooking allowing me to put my knowledge available to all. Unfortunately, today most of the dogs suffer from food allergies due to lifestyle, what you breathe and customs taking. In this book, besides telling homemade recipes and food tips and anecdotes reporting requirements “strange” by the owners of dogs-customers. It is not a book against the power industry, on the contrary in my preface I explain that proper nutrition is essential for our industrial dogs and is able to give the right nutritional balance. Obviously this combination of dogs and food does not mean that “cook dog”, unlike the palate of dogs it is one of the most demanding in existence. They are there, sniff and if they are convinced they do not eat. They have no taste perception but only olfactory. 

In the face of your life experiences, you who are entrepreneur yourself, there is a board that would you give to those who take a new path and wants to achieve its goals ?

Almo – First you have to be aware of themselves and believe in their dreams. If I had not believed in my dreams I never got that. I’m not proud of what I have, but what I could do for my wife, for my family. My happy life is due to this: believing in my dreams, have a person who believed and suffered with me by my side, someone that spurred me in difficult times, always supporting me. The message I want to pass, especially young people, is to do what you believe in passionately. In my case I was very lucky because all the pieces of the puzzle are stuck to perfection. I still believe that face difficulties with positive thinking can affect a lot about choices.

223A7880What project are you working on currently?

Almo – I’ll be busy for about a month in Sri Lanka because it will bring the delicacies of Made in Italy in a very big hotel chain.

What is your favorite dish?

Almo – I love pasta and I love tomato, seem trivial, but for me it is the top.

The recipe of Almo to Top 100:

Risotto with Roquefort jelly Moscato di Trani and red onion of Acquaviva garnished with walnuts

-Follow the normal procedure for cooking risotto;

-Make the onion simmer in a frying pan and in the last 10 minutes, add the risotto;

-Cook risotto with vegetable stock;

-For Gelatin (3 mm thick): Use the gelatin or the “agar agar”, place it on a baking, mixing it with the Moscato di Trani. Bring to a boil and let stand in the refrigerator;

-to serve the risotto on the table sprinkled jelly Moscato that gradually dissolves inside while mix risotto and finally garnish with walnuts and Parmesan cheese.

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